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Native American Photos
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Native American Now thats a native american
Can anyone tell me of this embroiderey or anything on this man. My father had this passed down from his grandma and we know nothing of him, all i know is that my great grandma is suppose to be a cherokee indian and this is in the family. We need info!!! Help, thank you. We know nothing of our background roots/religion or anything. Any help is appreciated
Native American Woman This reproduction was given to me years ago I cannot find any information on the woman or which tribe she was from. I would be grateful for any information about the picture


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Lacee says:    

i love cherokee im part cherokee indian (:

Cindy Cox says:    


Douglas Wayne Wofford Clearwater says:    

My father born in log cabin in Arkansas. Grandfather born in Broken Bow,Oklahoma. Dropped off by Geronimo while in his mom's belly. He helped her escape,dropped her off at Choctaw res pregnant on his very last war effort where he fought sometimes with Apache Joe against both Mexico and the USA. My Grandfather was Cherokee and Chirichuhua Apache, spoke 4 or 5 dialects & sign Universal in those days. Named Cleveland Wofford, he was 6'4" at 91 still a carpenter he died in Antioch heart attack. Still barefoot. All records seem destroyed. Can anyone help me?

Douglas Wayne Wofford Clearwater says:    

Hi Lacee, you are very blessed to be part of the best of what this world had running in your bloodstream. Write me if you wish, can't promise I'll be around to write back though. Also Mr. Dewayne Ballew. I had a friend who was once a GG boxer named Perry Ballew. Tragic car accident ruined him when his wife or gf died in the accident. He was Sioux born in Canada. You a relative?...just a longshot, sometimes my medicine reaches far ya know.

winston says:    

I have photo of a native American I would like to know who the person is on was

robert rowe says:    

my ggrandma was cherokee

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Pam mcfall says:

Grandmother was full blooded Cherokee, back when she crossed the Oklahoma border She was ashamed ! What a insuinsulting experience !

Bear Lora says:

Photo, bottom right. This is Ben Nighthorse Campbell. He is Northern Cheyenne and resides in the State of Colorado. he was a Senator from Colorado, a renowned jewelry maker, horse trainer, but most importantly of al, Ben is a man of dignity, honor and loyalty to his people. He is a man of his word, which is rare in this world now days. Ben Nighthorse Campbell is one of the best friends that I have ever had the honor to have. Wado Ben!

Jerry Tawney says:

I know that I have Cherokee in me on both sides of my family but how do you track your race when all the old ones are dead.

Sherry Faith Ables says:

My dad is past to the Spirit World. He was 1/2 Cherokee from Yazoo City, Mississippi. I know nothing of my Native Heritage because this was taken away and never recovered. I can tell from the colors on my body that I am more than white and this leaves me wondering who my ancestors are and this culture that I know nothing about. How can I find out more? Thank You.

roger kerr says:

A strong and wise face.

janice mcafee says:

This is a picture of Sitting Bull, Lakota Sioux

brandon davis says:

i have a friend his name is hunter wents he is part indian his family has lots of indian stuff and this picture reminds me of him even tho I see him at school

lilshaun says:


Charles Dymond says:

Live free!!!

M. Mtn.Chief-ykidney says:

I am pretty sure she is Piegan aka Blackfeet

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